Learn Japanese✏️🇯🇵 v.1

You are a complete beginner of Japanese language?…..Don’t worry! You will learn useful phrases through my lessons from now👍✨

2020 Olympics🏆

Do you know the next summer Olympic Games will be in Tokyo in 2020?🎌✨ Remember our emblems and check recent news!


You may know Tokyo, but how much do you know about this city? Here is the ultimate guide for you!✨

Four seasons🌸🌻🍁⛄️

You may have heard Japan is humid… Actually we have beautiful four seasons. Then, when is the best season to visit?.. It’s completely up to you!

An island country

How many islands does Japan consist of? What are the traits of an island country?

About me🌸

Thank you for reaching out to Japalog🇯🇵✨ I would like to introduce about myself🌸