Transportation in Japan🚃

Can you imagine how well-organized Japanese train system is?🚃✨ Here is how to use main public transportation during your travel!

Free guide in Tokyo✨

Do you know there are many local tour guides for tourists from outside Japan for FREE?💸✨ They definitely help to make your travel happy💙

How to get to the centeral Tokyo🛬→🗼

Can you get to the central Tokyo from airport without confusion? You have several options.. but here is the recommendation from me, who have ever been to 30 countries from Japan👍🌟

Japanese Currency💴

How much Japanese Yen (JPY) will 1USD be?💱 Where can we exchange? Do we always need to prepare cash in Japan? Here is your answer!💴✨

Four seasons🌸🌻🍁⛄️

You may have heard Japan is humid… Actually we have beautiful four seasons. Then, when is the best season to visit?.. It’s completely up to you!