Have you ever been to Japan?✈️
Have you ever experienced Japanese traditional culture?👘🍵
Have you ever tried tasty Japanese food?🍣🍡

Hello I am Ayaka, a Japanese girl who grew up for 28 years in Greater Tokyo Area in Japan. Japan is a small isolated country in Asia, but we have traditional culture that we are strongly proud of.

I love my beautiful country, and that’s why I became certified Japanese interpreter/translator to increase awareness in our culture. I was a guide in Tokyo for tourists from outside Japan before I moved to NYC in Dec 2015.

New York City is the busiest in the world that is filled with people from different countries. Through my life in this city, I realized that there are huge differences between Western and Japanese culture, and how unique our Japanese culture is. The sad point for me is that people have few ideas and no good resources to get knowledge. So, I started this blog.

🌸For those who are planning to visit Japan, this blog will provide you with tons of useful information to make your travel fruitful and exciting.

🌸For those who are interested in Japanese culture and food, this blog will capture your heart and make you a big fan.

🌸For those who don’t know much about Japan and just happened to find this blog, this will be your first step to explore your new world!

If you have any questions or need any further information, please feel free to contact me. I will be your assistant to know my beautiful country – Japan🇯🇵✨


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