Best things to do in Tokyo👣 v2. Hot spring theme park♨️

You may know ‘Hot Spring’ is one of Japanese traditional customs.. but have you ever heard its theme park?♨️
The Ooedo Onsen Monogatari is a hot spring theme park on Odaiba, which is so close to the central Tokyo. This is definitely a great place for the first experience of Japanese hot spring bath for people of all ages👍🌟 Here is the reasons✔️

1. Amazing features❤️✨

♨️Hot springs
Since it is a hot spring theme park, of course they have numerous different baths at different water temperatures, and several baths with massage jets. Also, they have outside bath area within Japanese traditional garden. I personally like this outside bath area.. especially in cold weather, you can feel your body will heat up, feel relaxing and enjoy the gap from low temperature outside♨️💓b9673407c2661df14e1ef84e4cea9cbd_l

👘Japanese traditional atmosphere
The theme park is entirely decorated to transport you to the Edo area, 1600s in Japan. When you check in, you can choose the design of Yukata (a kind of Kimono). Then, you will change your attire to Yukata at locker room (which is separated for men and women) and prepare to experience exoticism… No worries, there are instructions in English to explain how to put on Yukata.

Then, you go to the common area where men and women can meet up with each other, and just enjoy its traditional atmosphere! This area contains everything; a food court that provides local Japanese foods🍻🍙, game bar where you can experience traditional Japanese game🎌, and stages that you can see traditional Japanese shows and music performances👘🎶

💓Additional Services
The theme park has a Tatami relaxing room and you can just heal your body that would be tired due to long trip. If you want, you can book a room for accommodation and spend the night🌙 Since this theme park is just 18min away by car from Haneda airport, you can spend your time before/after your flight.

Also, they offer a variety of massage services, sand baths and rock slab baths at additional cost.

2. Convenient location🗼✨

It’s located so close to the central Tokyo, 2min walk from Telecom center station on Yurikamome line🚉 Otherwise, you can take free shuttle bus from major stations such as Tokyo station and Shinagawa station🚌! You don’t have to go to move to different cities from Tokyo for hot spring👍スクリーンショット 2016-09-21 22.49.12.png

3. Reasonable fees💸✨

General admission:
Adult (over 12) ¥2,612(Sat. & Sun. ¥2,828・Special Day ¥2,936)
Children (Age 4-12) ¥1,058
※Fee includes: Bath fee, Yukata robe fee, Towel fee, Facility usage fee.
Other options:
Evening Discount Admission ¥2,072( Sat. & Sun. ¥2,288・ Special Day ¥2,396)
Late Night Premium ¥2,160 (after 2:00 a.m.)
※For conversion from Japanese Yen (¥), please check out my previous post Japanese yen💴. Also, the above price is as of Sep 21 2016.
For detail information, please check out their official website from here!👉 Ooedo Onsen Monogatari
Please look forward my next article on “Explore Tokyo👣”!!!

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  1. nice post, keep up the good work!!

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    1. Ayaka says:

      Thank you!!! Please look forward to my coming posts ;))


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