Free guide in Tokyo✨

When you travel to other countries (especially to the country that has different native language from yours)✈️, have you ever felt that it hassles you to search many information; tourist spots📷, restaurants🍴 and local transportation🚃🚌?

And sometimes you may not find good information, you may lose your way even if you have information and finally you may waste your time…🙄💻💦

Also in Japan, you even may not be able to ask people because many people cannot speak English and sometimes no English signs there…😣💦 (Honestly, the most complaint from international tourists is English communication..)
However, Tokyo has a solution for these problems! It is the volunteer organization; “Tokyo Free Guide”!😎✨

Tokyo Free Guide (hereafter TFG) offers a tour guide for international tourists from local people for FREE!🗼✨
You can request whatever you want to do;

🌸 If you have the exact place you wanna visit, of course you can tell your guide. They will teach you how to use transportation and take you there with no hassles🚃✨

🌸 If you have something in mind about what you wanna eat/visit/experience, but you don’t know how to do/where to go, your guide will definitely help you. They have many suggestions to entertain you👘🍱✨

🌸 Or, you just decide to visit Tokyo and you have no idea about what you will do… NO worries! You just ask your guide and make your perfect plans with them😊👍

Since TFG is a volunteer organization, you don’t have to pay tour guide fee. It’s FREE!💸✨ But if you have lunch or use transportation with your guide, you will have to pay for them.. though it will not be expensive!😋

The number of tourists from outside Japan has been gradually increasing.. so if you already have the exact date to visit Tokyo, I recommend you to make a reservation as early as possible💻✨Check the website from HERE 👍🌟

I was one of TFG guides in 2015. To become a tour guide, we need to pass the interview… Although it is a volunteer tour guide, I’m pretty sure the quality is high!!!✨

Don’t miss your opportunities to enjoy Tokyo stay!!!😊👍


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