Learn Japanese✏️🇯🇵 v.2

Hello everyone! It’s time to learn new phrases😋✏️

In my previous lesson, I shared how different Japanese is from European languages like English, and the top 10 words I think useful for travel/daily conversation!
(👉 If you haven’t checked yet or want to review, check it out from HERE!)

Today, I would like to share another 10 useful phrases👍✨✨
1️⃣ Ohayo (おはよう) ←Good morning☀️
2️⃣ Kon-ban-wa (こんばんは) ←Good evening🌇
3️⃣ Oyasumi (おやすみ) ←Good night🌠
4️⃣ Dou-itashi-mashite (どういたしまして) ←You’re welcome✨

5️⃣ Hai (はい)* ←Yes🙆
6️⃣ Iie (いいえ)* ←No🙅
7️⃣ Sukoshi (少し) ←A little👌
8️⃣ Wakari-masen (分かりません) ←I don’t know💦
9️⃣ Watashi-mo (私も) ←Me too😊
🔟 Iine (いいね) ←That’s good / That’s nice👍✨

*We can understand if you say “Yes” or “No”…!

If you want to learn more useful Japanese phrases, please leave comments for any of your requests or follow my blog🎌🌟

Hope you everyone likes this lesson! Matane👋


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