How to get to the centeral Tokyo🛬→🗼

In Greater Tokyo area, there are two airports; Narita (NRT) and Haneda (HND). Can you get to the center of Tokyo from airport without confusion?🚈🚍🚕💨

Actually you have several can use all options without reservation and easily find them at all terminals👀✨ I recommend you to select based on your budget💰 and which parts of Tokyo you want to head to🛍💨

⚠️ Below is only main options, and the fares are as of Aug 27 2016. For more details and other info, please check NRT website and HND website💻✨ For my personal recommendation, please read this to the end👍🌟

✈️Narita airport (NRT)

NRT is the primary international airport in Japan, handling around 50% of Japan’s international passengers. It’s also known as Tokyo Narita Airport… but actually it’s not in Tokyo!! It’s located in Chiba prefecture, east of Tokyo🍀

So, it takes a while to get to the center of Tokyo.. and I guess that’s why the airfare from/to NRT is usually cheaper than HND💸✨

🚈 Rail

1️⃣ Narita express

  • 👉 From/To 8 cities (e.g. Tokyo(東京), Shibuya(渋谷), Shinjuku(新宿))
  • ⏰ e.g. 40min from/to Tokyo station
  • 🎫→ One way: Adult ¥3,020 / Children ¥1,510
  • 🎫⇄ Round-trip: Adult ¥4,000 / Children ¥2,000 (Validity period: 14 days)

2️⃣ Keisei skyliner

  • 👉 From/To Nippori (日暮里), Ueno (上野)
  • ⏰ around 40min
  • 🎫→ One way: Adult ¥2,200 / Children ¥1,100
  • 🎫⇄ Round-trip: Adult ¥4,300 / Children ¥2,150

🚍 Keisei Bus

  • 👉 From/To Tokyo (東京), Ginza (銀座)
  • ⏰ 90-120min
  • 🎫→ One way: Adult ¥1,000 / Children ¥500

🚕 Taxi

  • ⏰ e.g. 60min from/to Tokyo station
  • 💴 fixed fare (around ¥20,000)

✈️Haneda airport (HND)

HND is known as Tokyo International Airport. It’s located near the center of Tokyo, so it’s more convenient for tourists✨

🚈 Rail

1️⃣ Tokyo monorail

  • 👉 Hamamatsucho (浜松町)
  • ⏰ 18min
  • 🎫→ One way: Adult ¥490 / Children ¥250

2️⃣ Keikyu line

  • 👉 Shinagawa (品川)
  • ⏰ 13min
  • 🎫→ One way: Adult ¥410 / Children ¥210

🚍 Limousine Bus 

  • 👉 From/To many cities!!!
  • ⏰ e.g. 35min from/to Tokyo station
  • 💴 e.g. ¥890 from/to Tokyo station

🚕 Taxi

  • ⏰ e.g. 30min from/to Tokyo stationstation
  • 💴 fixed fare (around ¥6,000-8,000)

✅ For conversion from JPY to your currency, please check out my previous post🌟


My recommendation👍🌟

I, a travel lover who have ever visited 3o countries😋, always use Keisei Bus from/to NRT🚍 because it’s much cheaper than other ways, and Rail from/to HND because it’s more convenient🚃✨✨


Are you ready to visit Tokyo???🗼✨ If you can’t find your best way to get to the city, please do not hesitate to contact me📩 I’m happy to help you💓

For means of transportation within Tokyo / from Tokyo to other cities, I will post in near future! About Tokyo, don’t forget to check out here🗼💚

Matane またね 👋


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