Japanese Currency💴

We have our own currency; Japanese Yen (“JPY”¥)🎌💴 Actually it is the third most traded currency in the foreign exchange market after the US dollar💰 and the Euro💶

We have 4 types of banknotes and 6 types of coins.

💴Banknotes – ¥10,000/¥5,000/¥2,000/ ¥ 1,000*¥2,000 was issued to commemorate the millennium year in 2000, but we hardly use it because it’s not useful at all…😂

🤑Coins – ¥500 / ¥100 / ¥50 / ¥10 / ¥5 / ¥1

You can exchange your own currency into JPY at either of airport, bank and post office💱👍 Also, you may be able to withdraw JPY at ATM by using your credit card 💴✨But if you don’t have chances to exchange/withdraw your money, don’t worry! You can use your credit card at almost every shops and restaurants!💳✨

The exchange rate JPY to other currencies as of Aug 26 2016 are as follows; (sorry just 5 examples!)

🇺🇸1JPY = 0.00981966USD

💶1JPY = 0.00878604EUR

🇬🇧1 JPY = 0.00747701GBP

🇨🇳1 JPY = 0.0655262CNY

🇦🇺1 JPY = 0.0129947AUD

In Japan, you may notice many Japanese people who are just swiping a green card over a machine for their purchase.. It is “Suica” card, originally for trains🚃, but can be used anywhere – bus stop, convenience store, restaurant, supermarket, bookstore, electric store🚍🍔🍴📚📷…

I highly recommend to get “Suica” card during your stay in Japan👍✨I will mention the details soon!

My next post will be about transportation from airport to the city🚈🚌💨 It’s absolutely necessary information for tourists, so don’t miss it!✨


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