Learn Japanese✏️🇯🇵 v.1

Japanese is the national language of Japan, spoken by about 125 million people🇯🇵 You are a complete beginner?…..Don’t worry! You will learn useful phrases through my lessons from now👍✨

Before you learn Japanese…

🌸 3 types of characters
We have original characters called Hiragana (ひらがな) and Katakana (カタカナ), and also use Chinese characters called Kanji (漢字). Hiragana are mainly used to supplement Kanji or to provide the reading of Kanji. Katakana are used mainly for foreign words. We use these 3 types of characters for each word!✨

🌸 Formal and informal words
We have formal words and informal words. It is rude to use informal words to people who are older than ourselves, especially elderly people👴👵… and it was too difficult to master all formal words, even Japanese😱lol

🌸 Different sentence structure
Unlike European languages like English, sentence structure/word order is completely different as below. That’s one of the reasons why it is hard for us to learn English…📝💦
Japanese: Subject-Object- Verb
European languages: Subject-Verb-Object

An article says that the most common complaint from international tourists was language barrier; the difficulty finding someone who can communicate effectively in English💦💦 Government is currently taking actions to solve this problem before the 2020 Tokyo Games…we realize we have to practice English more🏫✏️

Let’s start to remember Japanese phrases!!!

Below words are the top 10 words that would be useful for travel / daily conversation! You don’t have to care about formal/informal words for now because it is very complicated!!!

1️⃣ Ari-ga-tou (ありがとう) ←Thank you🙏
2️⃣ Kon-ni-chiwa (こんにちは)←Hello, Good afternoon☀️
3️⃣ Gen-ki? (元気?)* ←How are you?😊
4️⃣ Watashi wa ~ desu (私は~です) ←I am ~.👩
5️⃣ Hajime-mashite (はじめまして) ←Nice to meet you✋
6️⃣ Sayo-nara (さようなら) ← Goodbye👋
7️⃣ Matane (またね) ← See you👋
8️⃣ Yoi itchi-nichi o (よい1日を)* ← Have a nice day✨
9️⃣ Gomen (ごめん) ← I’m sorry🙇
🔟 Sumi-masen (すみません)← Excuse me🙇

*Actually we hardly say “Genki?” and “Yoi ichinichi o” to other people, though I guess English speakers use “How are you?” and “Have a nice day” like just greeting…

How was it? Hope these phrases are useful and interesting for you all!!!

Please look forward to my next lesson🇯🇵✨ Matane👋



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