Four seasons🌸🌻🍁⛄️

Do you know the four seasons of the year are quite distinct in Japan?

Since the Japanese Archipelago is stretching 3,000 kilometers from north to south, the climate varies considerably from the northern island to the southern island. Also, mountains line the archipelago like a giant backbone, causing the weather to vary between the costal areas facing the Sea of Japan, and those facing the Pacific ocean. However, most places have each beautiful four seasons💐🍃

Then, when is the best season to visit Japan and where is the best place to go?

It’s completely up to you, but the following information may be useful for you to make a decision👍✨ Here my blog tells you the four seasons of Tokyo, which has the average temperature because of its location in the center of Japan’s mainlands🗼☀️


Spring 🌸 March to May

Many people say that Spring is the best season because of its mild weather and cherry blossoms. From the end of March to the early April, you can enjoy full of cherry blossoms anywhere in Tokyo. Japanese love to do Hanami, which is the Japanese traditional custom of viewing cherry blossoms with beer and Sake, especially in Asakusa and Ueno park in center of Tokyo.🍻🌸


Summer 🌻 June to August

June is usually the rainy season (tsuyu), so it might heavily rain all day in most days☔️. July and August, however, the weather is usually clear and hot (up to 37°C/98℉)☀️. Although it has high humidity, Japanese love to enjoy summer festival and firework festival with Yukata, which is an informal Kimono (traditional Japanese closing).👘🎆


Autumn 🍁 September to November

September is the time of year with the greatest risk of typhoons,which are violent tropical rainstorms in the Pacific Ocean🌀. After that, however, the weather is generally mild. October may be a good time for travelling: the humidity is less than in summer but it is still pleasantly warm. The trees show beautiful autumn colors, spreading to Tokyo in November🍁. Below is the picture of my wedding ceremony in Tokyo💛❤️


Winter ⛄️ December to February

Tokyo gets very little or no snow, and the weather is usually clear, crisp and pleasant, not damp. If you like to do winter sport, you can also reach to other areas from Tokyo in a few hours⛷. Also, you can enjoy Christmas illumination lights all around Tokyo in December🎄, and Japanese traditional New Year’s events🎍. (I will tell you about the details of New Year’s events in near future!)


How was it? Which of the four seasons are you interested in most?

You all are always welcomed to visit Japan🇯🇵✨


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